Cupping Treatment

Cupping Treatment Free Consultation Additional Services Cupping Treatment Objective To stimulate blood circulation, reduce pain, and release accumulated waste. Health conditions Muscle pain Frozen shoulder Knee pain Treatments Includes Place vacuum cups on the skin to create suction, then move the cups to the problem areas Book your Free Consultation Free Consultation Fill out my […]

Medical Tattoo

Medical Tattoo Free Consultation Additional Services Medical Tatto​o Objective Medical Tattoo Treatment: A unique approach for muscle and tendon issues, using a sterilized device similar to a traditional tattoo needle with a fountain pen-like tip. Dipped in herbal oil, it’s applied precisely to problem areas on the skin. Ideal for detailed treatment in small, hard-to-reach […]

Herbal Burning Treatment

Herbal Burning Treatment Free Consultation Additional Services Herbal Burning Treatment Objective It aims to increase external warmth. This practice is popular for conditions characterized by excess wind, as the heat facilitates better movement of air. The warmth generated by burning herbs is typically gentle and gradually intensifies. To improve blood circulation, reducing pain. Health conditions […]

Hot Herbal Soaking

Hot Herbal Soaking Free Consultation Additional Services Hot Herbal Soaking Objective Foot bathing is a Thai traditional treatment to promote health. In Thai traditional medicine. The highlight of this treatment is “temperature” which can be divided into two kinds: Treatments Includes Thermotherapy: Soak feet in warm water (35 – 38°C) infused with Thai herbs for […]

Hot Herbal Compression

Hot Herbal Compression Free Consultation Additional Services Hot Herbal Compression Objective To reduce pain and relax muscles by applying a hot compress after a massage which also prevents post-massage soreness. Health conditions Office Syndrome Frozen shoulder Myofascial pain syndrome Treatments Includes By using herbal ball to steam with moist heat 40-50 Degree Celsius, then apply […]

THC Detoxification Program

Eliminate Residual Toxins and Restore Optimal Body Function. This program focuses on purifying the body from toxins accumulated through long-term medication use or THC from cannabis.

Post-Cancer Therapy

Nourish inner strength and rebalance the four elements within the body holistically to enhance the patient’s quality of life, improve physical and mental health, reduce pain, and enhance the excretory system

If the patients have not overcome cancer, massage or any thermotherapy treatment becomes the primary choice.

If the patients recently recovered from cancer, we must conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the patients to design an appropriate rehabilitation program.

Revitalization of Male & Female Libido

Relaxing painful muscles, tendons, and joints. Relieving stress, anxiety and possibly helping to reduce pain point by stimulating competing nerve fibres and impeding pain messages to and from the brain.
We utilize traditional acupressure techniques, followed by the application of a heat plate. Herbal compresses are also available as an optional add-on

Energy Rejuvenation Treatment

To emphasize the detoxification of internal organs and rebalance the four elements of the body—earth (muscle), water (blood), wind (circulation), and fire (metabolism)—while also stimulating and nourishing blood circulation.

Insomnia Therapy

Improving circulation, promoting stress relief, and easing tension, which in turn will improve sleep quality.

Studies confirm that massage can have a significant impact on sleep quality by reducing anxiety and physical discomfort, making it easier to fall and stay asleep.

Following massage therapy, cortisol levels in the body decrease, while serotonin and dopamine levels increase. That helps relax the body and promote the production of melatonin, a key hormone for sleep.